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Several Ways to get involved​:

  • Come on a trip with us. We have several trips that work with children in various countries and communities. 

  • Give towards one of our projects (Music, Arts, Health, Food Distribution and various educational programs) 

  • Volunteer your time to help organize our various projects and to inform others of our organization. 


Kids Worship Festivals
We love children! Most importantly, God loves the children!

We have developed programs to teach kids how to use the arts as an expression of their love for God.

We have all been given special and unique talents to express feelings and our heart.  With our Kids Worship Festivals, we do just that.  So do you enjoy dancing, singing, playing your instruments and even creating art?  We teach the children that these are ways to love Him!



This summer New Strength will be having sessions of training and mentorship to prepare youth for the adulthood. 

We aim to teach Young Adults skills and strategies for life during and after high school; skills that you will be needing in the workplace, college, and independent living. We want to see Young Adults to succeed in their current and coming seasons of life!

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